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Holding Space : Nurturing Your Soul

Soul Space is a one to one guided meditation experience suitable for all levels, delivered in a serene space where you will experience what meditation is, how to do it your way and how to integrate it into your daily life.

The Soul Space Meditation Experience

Soul Space uses bespoke specialist techniques to guide and support your journey into a deep state of Meditation where you experience your own deepest self and true nature.

Thought Interruption Therapy (TIT), exclusive to Soul Space, was developed in Norway in 2004 by Svein Torp and is used prior to the Soul Space Meditation Experience as an effective way to slow and quieten our clients’ thoughts. Once you have an established practice and if you want to go further, the Soul Space sessions can also be used to experience great peace and joy, find answers, forgiveness and insights or to explore your deepest and most hidden parts

What clients are saying

I am an avid meditator myself but had abandoned this beautiful therapy after my diagnosis. I’m no stranger to the benefits and healing powers of meditation but Jennifer’s unique technique took everything up a level for me.  I highly recommend trying a session even if you have never meditated.  Being open to new ideas of healing is imperative in this…Keep Reading

Rating: 5

Jennifer Tanner’s meditation techniques we very impactful for me and different from any other meditation experience. Not only was the meditation itself profound, I still, weeks later, feel that I have ‘risen above’ day-to-day stress, become more calm and creative.

Miki Lion
CEO Lion Family Foundation
Rating: 5

Being a busy mum of a 10 year old, juggling a full time job, running a household and doing my professional qualification created a full-on ‘go go’ environment where I crave a quiet ‘me’ mindful time. When I step into the consultation room at Jenny’s, it’s like stepping into a different dimension where everything slows down, there are no ‘musts’…Keep Reading

Internal Communications Manager
Rating: 5

Since being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer 3 months ago, Jennifer support has been immense.  Her naturally caring disposition puts her ahead of the game when it comes to her work as she has a natural desire to help and heal the world, one patient, at a time.  Both as a friend and professional Jennifer’s healing voice and hands has…Keep Reading

Rating: 5

Jennifer is a very special and gifted human being. She is intuitive and genuine, creating a safe and cocooned space for people to learn and experience what meditation is. I feel lucky and blessed to know her and can’t recommend her highly enough.

Emily Cohen
Founder of Sunuva
Rating: 5

Soul Space is the place to go when life feels a bit frantic and overwhelming. I arrived in the beautiful sanctuary with a very busy mind and experienced a profound shift in my consciousness during the process. The trivial naturally fell away and I emerged with clarity, peace and a deeper connection with what's truly important. I feel deeply grateful…Keep Reading

Inga Umblija
Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Facilitator
Rating: 5

After one session in the Soul Space Room, I was restored to my normal agile self for the day and even into the night. I left her place slightly more awake than I had entered and found that my energy levels progressed throughout the day allowing me to get out and about until 10pm!  I could not believe the strength…Keep Reading

Rating: 5

Jennifer is a professional and knowledgeable practitioner, a friend for over 25 years, it is she who has introduced me to meditation nearly 4 years ago. With Jennifer’s guidance I have been able to reflect and overcome a number of personal challenges and experienced how mediation can give calm and peace and in contrast energy and focus. Whatever your intention,…Keep Reading

Abigail Cova
Owner Marble Hill Dance Studio
Rating: 5

I had a fantastic experience with Jennifer. It had a profound impact on my life. I'm more patient and take things less personally, it improved my life and my mental well being.

Guistino Mirander
Personal Trainer
Rating: 5

Putting myself in Jennifer’s hands in a Soul Space session is the best gift I can give myself. She blisses me out in ways that I never knew were possible and I feel more centred, clear-headed and creative after every session. I think she’s actually a Wizard.

Joshua St Johnson
Rating: 5

Soul Space: Creating Space in your Soul to experience all you’ve ever desired

After many years of living in fear, blaming everything and everyone else, avoiding feeling, needing to control, believing the anger was her drive and motivation, thinking that things would fill the sadness and emptiness in her heart, Jennifer’s search for peace finally happened.

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