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After many years of living in fear, blaming others, avoiding feelings, needing to control everything, believing anger was my drive and motivation and that “things” would fill the emptiness and sadness in my heart… my search for peace finally happened.

During a deep training on The Path, I had a “light bulb moment” when I finally connected with my heart. This was swiftly followed by an experienced pure “Being” during a 10-day Vipassana meditation.

I finally “woke up”, let go of the controlling behaviours, found forgiveness, connected with my deepest feelings and started to feel more powerful and stronger than ever before.

My daily Meditation practice has brought more peace and calm into my life along with the capacity to sit with my feelings. I am no longer swept around by life and with a deeper understanding of the impermanence of life, can respond more often than react.

My Crohn’s disease – with which I had suffered since 2001 – has been eliminated. A clear indication of the mental and physiological benefits of meditating and also part of the motivation for me to change career to bring Meditation to more people in the world.

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