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Learning to sit with uncomfortable feelings like a curious child while detaching them from thoughts and memories is the place magic can happen.

Fear is often a good indication of where you need to go.

Our minds restrict us on every level – we have to learn to stop thinking in order to trust our gut. Only then can we tap into the universal intelligence that sits deep within us, the answers to everything.

Forgiveness comes when you let go, the more I let go of control the more powerful I feel.

Understanding and taking responsibility for everything has been one of the most powerful lessons of my life, alongside understanding that in every situation I have a choice to react or respond.

Meditation is the place where everything you ever dreamed and desire exists.  All we need to do is learn to do nothing.

Once the path opens in front of you, you can only keep moving forwards

Everything we are searching for sits right within us and the door to this is Meditation

Meditation is the space where we can safely sit with what terrifies us the most and start to understand and transform it often into our joy and power

It’s only by releasing our thoughts and sense of time that allows us to arrive into the “Now” or “Being” and experience the bliss of true self

Create space in your soul

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