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Teach your kids to manage their emotions and process feelings

We love our kids, we want to protect them, keep them safe and educate them so that they grow up to be healthy happy and well-rounded adults. They need not only love, boundaries and nurturing but also to be taught the tools to cope with all that life and the modern world throws at them. These tools come in the form of Meditation and are more important now than ever.


Psychological, emotional, educational and physical impact

Examination stress

Something that effects all children

Increased cost of living

Parents are more stressed than ever

Global warming

And what that means for their future

Social media

Online bullying, body image, addiction, predators


Hormone and emotions coping with changes

World News

Witnessing what is going on in the world is stressful


Who they are in the world, what’s important, where they belong, goals for the future


How to manage themselves, friends, groups, navigating conflicts and dynamics

Like adult’s children need to learn how to cope with all that comes up in life. Without coping strategies, they may end up suffering from anxiety which can lead to issues with mental or physical health. They may develop unhealthy and sometimes dangerous ways to cope – drugs, alcohol, self-harm, eating disorders.

Meditation will equip your kids with some great tools that will support them in navigating impending struggles. It will teach them to manage their emotions, process feelings and what is happening around them as well as changes in their bodies. Meditation will teach them to feel their feelings and understand they are only feelings and will pass. It will help them to notice their thoughts and to understand that they are not their thoughts and that they have the power to change them. Meditation will give them methods to calm their minds and bodies down when they get anxious, or thoughts become too much or too negative.

What to expect : Soul Space In Schools

Soul Space is stand alone and can also work very well alongside any meditation or wellbeing application. Soul Space goes that much further:

  • Teacher is Physically present
  • Teaching for classes, teachers or one2one
  • Sessions are tailor-made to experience and needs
  • Specially designed for an effective meditation session
  • Effective session means likely to feel the benefits and to continue

Meditation in school: Outcomes and benfits

Stress takes its toll physically and mentally and is responsible for a lot of problems socially educationally mentally physically all preventing kids from reaching their full potential. Stress also affects the overall environment, results and relationships. There are many scientifically proven benefits in meditation which translate directly into every aspect of schools, our world, minds and bodies, relationships and lives.

Balance the Nervous System

Calmer, function better, think more clearly

Reduction in anxiety and stress

Less time off work, harmonious working environment, more satisfaction

Inspires divergent thinking

Enhances your creativity

More alert and attentive

Being present – less mistakes, more thorough work and results, improved learning

Facilitate better sleep and deep rest

When we get beyond the mind the depth of rest is unlike anything else and delivers upgrade, purification, balances and heals and relieves fatigue – more receptive brains

Better Problem solving / head on

Calmer and more grounded see the world and problems in a different light, provides more options.

Cultivates Emotional Intelligence

Improved self-awareness, communication and relationships

Meditation is basically learning to focus and concentrate which allows us to get to know ourselves and others better, to listen and learn better, to find solutions and be able to respond rather than react in any situation.

It also gives us tools to manage and feel our feelings which means we don’t need to find ways to run away or avoid them. Meditation in schools supports to create a calm and nurturing environment where the kids feel heard, safe and want to be resulting in a school that will flourish on all levels.

Bring some Soul to your Space.

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