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Being a busy mum of a 10 year old, juggling a full time job, running a household and doing my professional qualification created a full-on ‘go go’ environment where I crave a quiet ‘me’ mindful time. When I step into the consultation room at Jenny’s, it’s like stepping into a different dimension where everything slows down, there are no ‘musts’ and the ambience created with the essential oils and dimmed lights is just divine.
Jenny skillfully and gently walks me through the meditation that is tailored to my needs. She also shares her intuitive insights which for me always prove to be true and exactly what I need at that very moment.

I think for most people the challenge number 1 when it comes to meditating is to switch the ‘head and mind off’ and connect to the body. I know that it is for me at least! That’s why I was just wowed when during ‘head thumping’ technique that Jenny uses I felt this rush of energy running between my head and shoulders, almost as if the channels between them have been cleared and allowed the energy to circulate. It made it easier for me to connect to my body and stay there.
I am only at the beginning of my journey and am very excited to experience what else is possible for me and healing I can receive while working with Jenny.

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