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Now more than ever the importance of investing into your people’s wellbeing is paramount

The harrowing experience of the Covid Pandemic, which had many living in isolation and fear, has changed behaviour patterns, habits and mindsets. People are slowly returning to the workplace, but with trepidation and anxiety. So much fear remains…of getting ill, being around people, travelling on public transport, being touched, yet we still have to come back into the world and the work environment where we have to engage with, sit with, touch, talk to, eat with and meet with other people.

Soul Space Meditation will support creating an environment that makes staff feel safe and considered, caring for their mental-health and equipping them with tools to cope and incentives to come back to work. Meditation is a centuries old technique which will not only support your people but also help to create a happier and healthier working environment, ultimately resulting in a more successful business.

What to expect : Soul Space In The Workplace

Soul Space is stand alone and can also work very well alongside any meditation or wellbeing application. Soul Space goes that much further:

  • Teacher is Physically present
  • One to one or small groups
  • On call service available
  • One-off sessions or Four Steps to Meditation Programme
  • Sessions are tailor-made to the individual or groups needs and experience
  • A large toolbox to bring clients to the present for an effective meditation session
  • Thought Interruption Technique exclusive to Soul Space in the UK*

* Thought Interruption Technique
A method used to quickly dispel thoughts and quieten awareness and the mind

Meditation at work: Outcomes and benfits

Stress at work takes its toll physically and mentally and holds your people back from their full potential, affecting the overall working environment and the performance of the business. There are many scientifically proven benefits in meditation which translate directly into every aspect of work, our world, minds and bodies, relationships and lives:

Balance the Nervous System

Calmer, function better, think more clearly

Reduction in anxiety and stress

Less time off work, harmonious working environment, more satisfaction

Inspires divergent thinking

Enhances your creativity

More alert and attentive

Being present – less mistakes, more thorough results

Facilitate better sleep and deep rest

When we get beyond the mind the depth of rest is unlike anything else and delivers upgrade, purification, balances and heals and relieves fatigue – more productive teams

Better Problem solving / head on

Calmer and more grounded see the world and problems in a different light, provides more options.

Cultivates Emotional Intelligence

Improved communication and leadership

Meditation is learning to focus and concentrate. Meditation impacts business on many levels: improved concentration resulting in more efficiency and responding rather than reaction.

It nurtures better relationships and improves communication which all result in better decision making and overall a more efficient and profitable business. Meditation in business will also support to create a calm and nurturing environment where your people feel safe and want to be, and where your business flourishes.

Bring some Soul to your Space.

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Ready to experience Soul Space at your workplace?

** Greater Good features our executive editor, Dacher Keltner, on the science of touch, cutting-edge research into the ways everyday forms of touch can bring us emotional balance and better health. **Touch calms our nervous centre / slows down our heartbeat / lowers blood pressure and stress hormone cortisol / riggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone known for promoting emotional bonding to others.
Personally responsible to put in the time and effort or will not get results

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