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Soul Space is the place to develop the meditation practice that is right for you.

Why Mediate?

Meditation is a route to a more peaceful, grounded and happier life, learning how to be more present and feel without the need to try to avoid, change or to be in constant reaction to everything in life. Regular Meditation enables people to see the world and their problems in a different light, to take control of their thoughts, feelings and their lives and to have the capacity to respond rather than react to anything that life throws at them.

What to expect : The Soul Space Experience

Soul Space Meditation Experience ranges from 30 to 60 minutes and starts with building connections and trust ensuring that our clients feel safe, held, heard and relaxed. We use a range of techniques to guide you into and through a Meditation Experience that is tailored for you depending on your needs, experience and time constraints. These include:

  • TDT (Thought Disturbance Therapy)*

* Thought Interruption Therapy (TIT)
This cutting edge technique effectively slows and quietens thoughts. It was devised by Svein Torp Torp Upgrades in 2009, and has shown great success with his clients.

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